Archive April 8, 2021

Why cotton is one of the best fabrics

Cotton is gotten from the cotton plant and has been used as far back as 600 BC. It is harvested like any other plant and taken through an intensive process to transform it into fibers, which are further used to make clothes.

If you are looking to buy fashion products, underwear or sportwear, you should consider patronizing Timarco. This should be after you have read reviews about the company on Suomiarvostelut to know what their other customers in Finland are saying about them. Cotton is one of the best and most popular fabric, due to the following reasons:

It is absorbent

Cotton is a fabric that absorbs perspiration and heat; as such, it is breathable. Even while you are fully clothed, your body will be well-aired. Cotton clothes keep you comfortable and cool all through the day. Besides, it can increase to 24 times its size in water, doesn’t irritate your skin, and feels luxurious because it is thicker.

It is durable

Cotton is a very tough fabric, which makes it to be durable for a very long time. If your lifestyle is a very intensive one, maybe you are working in a kitchen, factory, or doing menial jobs, cotton is the best for you because it is resistant to tear. This is why most of the clothes available today are made of cotton. Also, the structure of cotton is such that it gets stronger instead of weaker, unlike other clothes.

It gets stronger

When cotton gets wet, it gets stronger which means you can wash it time and again without any notification to the fabric. This is unlike other fabrics such as wool that gets easily damaged. A lot of clothesmaking companies in the world use mature cotton to make their shirts, bottoms, sweatshirts, etc. Besides, cotton can withstand high temperatures, so you can iron it without any damage to its texture or look.

It allows for custom printing

Due to its strong texture, cotton is great for printing things on and this is why it is the choice of many apparel makers. Because of its density, it absorbs ink better and comes out in higher quality, so whatever is printed on the t-shirt is clear and sharp. There is no bleeding when printing on cotton.

It is environmentally friendly

Even though no big fabric production is 100% in this regard, cotton production is close. Since it is gotten from a plant that regrows, it is renewable. Also, due to matters of sustainability surrounding a lot of pf things we wear and use, the use of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals on cotton and the rest has been prohibited. So, most of the cotton in the world is organic, which means they are safe to wear.

It is low maintenance

Cotton requires little care; all you have to do is wash it when it’s dirty and wash stains as soon as possible. You don’t have to dry clean cotton fabric, except the manufacturer requires it. …