What to Consider in Choosing a Senior High School Graduation Suit

What to Consider in Choosing a Senior High School Graduation Suit

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There are several things to consider when choosing a suit for your son’s senior high school graduation. For starters, he should wear a dress shirt with a tie like the ones you see at Jostens.com. Dress pants and a dress shoe should complete the look. Whether he wears khaki pants or dress pants with a striped pattern or a bold print, you’re sure to look handsome.

Business casual attire

When you send out graduation invites, you will want to make sure your son looks his best. After all, this is the day of his high school graduation. You’ll be beaming with pride and want to make sure his graduation attire is appropriate. Here are some tips to keep in mind. First, choose an appropriate color scheme. For example, outdoor graduation is often considered semi-formal, so you don’t need to wear a tie. Second, consider the event’s venue. Regardless of the location, choose a color scheme that complements the ceremony.

Depending on where the graduation is, the weather might change rapidly. If the ceremony is held outdoors, choose lightweight clothing. Shirts and pants are appropriate for early summer ceremonies. However, you should be aware that additional layers will make you sweaty. Lighter clothing is best on sunny days. If you’re planning to wear a tie to the ceremony, don’t wear a tuxedo.

Bold color or print

Choosing a bold color or print for your son’s senior high school graduation outfit can make him stand out from the crowd. Remember that this is a special day dedicated to celebrating your child’s achievements and success. You should also avoid choosing an outfit that reveals too much skin. Stay away from fringes, sequins, and short hemlines. It’s best to go on the conservative side and stay away from racy styles.

For daytime events, opt for a more casual outfit. Consider wearing a polo shirt in a bold color. It will stand out against the robe. For the bottom half, go with a tailored pair of jeans or skinny trousers. Sunscreen will keep your son protected from the sun while he’s wearing this outfit. While choosing a senior high school graduation outfit for boys, keep in mind the type of party you’re planning.

Shoes to wear

If you’re putting together a graduation outfit for a boy, there are several factors you should keep in mind. First of all, remember that the dress code is semi-formal, so your child should avoid revealing clothes, fringes, and short hemlines. Even if your invitation doesn’t specify the dress code, it’s still best to stay conservative. Whether your child is graduating from high school or middle school, a dressy outfit will not only look great on your son but also make the occasion feel special for his family.

When choosing a graduation outfit, keep in mind that your child will be on his feet for a long time. So choose comfortable, yet stylish shoes. While you can’t wear flatforms on graduation day, you should think about how comfortable your boy’s dress shoes are. Remember, the shoes will be the most visible part of his ensemble. The rest of the apparel will be covered by the cap and gown.


Purchasing a graduation outfit for boys can be tricky. You want to ensure that the outfit is modest but not too conservative. After all, this day is dedicated to your child’s accomplishments, not to flaunting their body. Therefore, it’s best to avoid revealing clothing, including short hemlines and fringe. Instead, err on the conservative side.

First of all, your boy will need to know where to find a dress for graduation. It’s best to visit the school’s merchandising office. There, you’ll find many stores that sell graduation gowns and other graduation-related items for boys. For instance, the Jostens store in the MVCTC will sell cap and gowns and other senior apparel. You can also use the promo code RING40 to save $40 on most class jewelry. Note that this code cannot be combined with any other offer.