Is it time to DRESS up?

Is it time to DRESS up?

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This article serves to inspire you, proving that dresses, no matter your style or age, can be worn confidently with pose when need be, no matter the occasion. 

Types of dresses

Gowns, maxi, kimonos, cocktail, and maternity dresses; all these and more are part of an ever-growing list of the types of dresses you can look stunning in. There are dresses that can be worn in the office, for a classy cocktail party, a wedding, and even for a busy day of errands. 

When to strike a pose 

Whilst being appropriate to the audience watching you, you may wear, for example, a slick ankle-length dress with a blazer to match when at work. For weddings, a dress that matches the venue’s colors and aesthetic would be perfect – just don’t steal the show from the bride, of course! It is important to have an underskirt when wearing thin or short dresses. Be creative and daring when mixing and matching dresses with jackets and shoes. 

A dress for every season, and everyone

As the world evolves and the imagination expands, society has become more accepting and encourages women of all shapes and sizes to stand tall in all kinds of dress. It does not matter if you’re in winter, when beautiful coats and boots complement each other, or in summer when thin straps adore your shoulders. Whether you wear a small-sized dress, a medium-sized dress, or plus size dresses you have the right and the opportunity to feel comfortable and proper in an adorning dress.

When it comes to dresses , the word limitation has since been forgotten. Be daring in bold and subtle colors. Be confident in new and fresh materials, remembering that you can always dress up!