6 Benefits of Shopping Online During COVID-19

6 Benefits of Shopping Online During COVID-19


Currently, the world is not in a better position, and humans are chained inside their houses. Before, the world was a lively place where every occasion was celebrated with joy, every other day people used to go out shopping. Even online cake delivery in Ranchi and eating outside was usual stuff to practice. But today, the year started with a pandemic, and in between, it has turned so severe that people are being asked to stay at their residence. Because moving out can be life-threatening. 

Now, in such a scenario, people cannot go out, but celebrations don’t stop. Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries come like usual, and people might not go out, but they need clothes to dress up or some utensils to cook or gifts for their loved ones or party decorations. From 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, E-commerce experienced an unprecedented boom in sales. Before, people were not so prone to use online shopping portals, but this pandemic helped them learn shopping sitting at home.

Even today, when a situation like a lockdown can happen across the globe because of the variant, people are fine to sit and shop comfortably. Besides, there are many benefits people take from online shopping. Scroll down to see how online shopping can benefit you in what ways.


Before, the delivery wasn’t contactless, but as the pandemic has emerged, the deliveries are now contactless. You do not need to touch anyone even; the packaging is so good that you can spray sanitiser first and then take the parcel with you inside. Unlike in the market where you need to touch everything, and 20 other people would also touch the same products in the same shop. Here neither you need to go out in the crowd, nor you need to touch and select the products.

Discounts and Coupons

Local shops don’t provide discounts, and coupons like an online shopping portal do. Many people are habitual to bargain. Until they bargain, they do not feel like they bought the right product from the right shop, but online portals offer such pocket-friendly discounts and additional coupons on different cards that shopping looks more fun through it.

Myriad Products at One Place

As online portals not only have one particular product, they have been popular because of this one feature. If you visit an online bakery, you could find gifts, cakes, plants and many other products even. Sameth other online portals that have joined hands with local business people and are providing as many things as possible. So, it turns easy for people to get everything in a single place.

Informed Decision-Making

When you purchase any particular product from a local market, it takes forever to search for a product review and this results in poor decision-making. Whereas, on online portals, you can be assured of what you are buying through other reviews and testimonials. So, it kind of turns easy for people to make informed decisions while purchasing anything from an online store.


In local stores, mostly cash payments are entertained where if you do not have cash, you need not worry about online portals. You can use a credit card, debit card, Paytm, PayPal, UPI payments, gift vouchers, net banking and other sources. You can also opt for a cash on delivery option if you have trust issues. It is convenient to use by a large number of people in the way they want. Even they can grab offers and discounts if they have a particular card.

Easy to Use

Using an online shopping portal is no rocket science. Also, many online shopping apps or websites have now introduced local languages around the globe, so it is easy for them to browse, pick, add addresses and pay. So, you may be of any age; you quickly learn to operate the online platform. Instead of strolling products from aisle to aisle, you just need to put them in the cart and then checkout without any rush. It is like a hassle-free shopping experience on an online shopping portal.

In Conclusion

Going to the market and supporting local vendors in such time is fine, but that doesn’t mean you risk your own life. The same local vendors are a part of online selling through different portals. Not all, but most have joined hands and are benefitting through that. You can sit comfortably and buy the product you desire at any time of the day. So, if you haven’t started browsing online shopping portals, then the points mentioned above may convince you. Happy Shopping!